Rabbit with big pointy teeth….

Important!Read handbook before attempting to open box! …Oh bugger, hang on, it’s in the box with the rabbit. Never mind!

Do not open box close to rabbit’s head. This is incorrect, and foolhardy. Instead, gently pry open the rear of the box. Poke rabbit with a long pole, and retreat to a safe location, such as Finland.

Caution: the rabbit is a burrowing animal accustomed to turning quickly in enclosed spaces. This one’s faster than most. Use all due caution. Ideally convince a family relative you strongly dislike to open the box for you. Do NOT tug the rabbit’s tail, or attempt to rub noses with the rabbit while calling it a ”cute little bunny-wunny.” This have proven fatal in most customer surveys.



Sharp Pointy Teeth! Remove with care. Better yet, don’t remove.

Personally inspected by Sir Bors. Would have been personally approved by Sir Bors too, but…

Added Bonus! Digestive tract of rabbit includes Sir Bors.

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